Health Check Service

Investing in software implementation constitutes a significant commitment, one that should yield enduring benefits for your organization in the long run. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for systems to reach a point of stagnation following their initial implementation, especially if they were deployed several years ago. As your business expands and adapts, it becomes imperative for your crucial solutions, such as your ERP system, to evolve in tandem. If you harbor doubts regarding the optimization of your software to meet your evolving business requisites, we extend an offer for an Implementation Health Check.

Our Implementation Health Check serves to illuminate your current system utilization and unearth latent functionalities capable of augmenting value to your operations. Moreover, we pinpoint any modules or settings that may be misconfigured.

At Ironbridge Systems Pvt. Ltd. (IBS), as your Microsoft partner, we stand ready to ensure that your ERP system realizes its fullest potential. Through our Implementation Health Check, we furnish insights, feedback, and resolutions for any issues pertinent to your solution. This thorough assessment not only aids in maximizing the efficacy of your system but also detects and rectifies security vulnerabilities, thus mitigating associated risks and costs. Furthermore, we provide guidance on the latest solution components to bolster your existing setup.


  • Enhanced Efficiency:
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Security
  • Future-Ready Solutions:
  • Optimized Resource Allocat
  • Uncover Hidden Functionality

Explore More:

VMware Infrastructure

  • Capacity & Performance 
  • Metrics of all Hosts including
    VMware Cluster feasibility
  • Network Design
  • Log Monitoring

Network Infrastructure

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Network Issues
  • Patching, Access Rights
  • Physical & Logical Design

Microsoft Infrastructure

  • Monitoring the Health of MS infrastructure
  • Analyze the Performance
  • Security and Operations Feasibility of MS Exchange and Active Directory Infrastructure

Security Infrastructure

  • Examination of Networks, OS
  • Virtualized Systems
  • Database, Security Controls
  • Devices and Processes

Hardware Infrastructure

  • Hardware Level Auditing includes Servers
  • SAN’s, Switches and other Devices
  • Moreover, Review’s firmware & Inspection of Performance Metrics


  • Rectification of Proposed Plans

  • Implementation of Technical Shortfall to Eliminate the Business Losses